Friday, July 3, 2009

Making a splash in free agency not always wise

My Canes haven't made any free agent signings that make the big headlines but they did bring Cole and LaRose back into the fold. The best part is JR didn't have to break the bank to do it. You can always count on the Rangers to go after the biggest names but then they have some of the biggest flops too. They have 8 out of the 25 biggest free agent busts on They very well may have done it again this year with injury prone Marion Gaborik. I admit to hoping for a big name to sign with the Canes every year at this time but JR has proven time and again that he knows what he is doing. I am very glad not to be like Montreal who is moving players in and out like a turnstile. We don't have the big budget down here in Raleigh but I think JR makes the most of what he has to work with. When the dust settles I would wager he will make a low profile deal or two.

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