Saturday, June 13, 2009

Draft, Free Agency, and Trades

Now that hockey is done for the year the only thing of interest for me is who we might draft in on June 26th, which players sign with new teams during free agency, and any trades that might occur before free agency begins on July 1st. I'm mostly interested in which Canes Jim Rutherford resigns and who he might bring in new via trade or free agency. Its pretty much a given that we won't be making in big splashes but JR has been know to make some good moves that were under the radar. Corey Stillman in '06 comes to mind. Jussi Jokinen is a recent example. The biggest trade is recent history in my mind was trading rookie Jack Johnson. I think Tim Gleason has paid off for us.

It will be interesting to see where Heatley ends up now that he has asked for a trade out of Ottawa. To much heat in the kitchen for you Heatley? Ottawa should get a good return for him.

Philly is giving trouble goalie Ray Emery another shot. He spent last year out of the NHL when no team was willing to bring a potential troublemaker into their fold.

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