Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Game 7 Winner drinks from the cup

Pittsburgh was able to hold off the Wings comeback attempt in the final period to force a game 7 on Friday night. I am personally glad to have another game to watch but should the Red Wings choke on home ice they and their fans will look back on a failure to clinch in game 6. Fleury played his best game so far but Osgood kept the Wings close with some brilliant saves of his own. The Wings kept Malkin and Crosby from scoring but still managed to lose. The Wings had some golden opportunities to tie it thanks to Malkin but failed to convert on either power play. Hossa has to be more tense then the other Red Wings in that should they lose he will have chosen wrong in leaving Pittsburgh and the lucrative contract. It was admirable in that he chose what he thought was his best chance at the cup over dollars and a long term contract. I for one hope he is rewarded by skating the Cup. While not being a Red Wings fan I admire how they have fought through all their injuries to get to the SCF and hope they hoist it Friday night. Normally I cheer for the underdog but seeing Pittsburghs many cheap shots against my Canes and now again against the Wings makes me a big time Wings fan for one more game. Heres hoping class and determination comes through one more time.

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