Friday, June 12, 2009

Last dose of hockey til Fall

Finally game 7 is here but it is bittersweet for hockey fanatics like me. Yes, we finally get to see the Stanley Cup awarded after several months of nail biting hockey but then comes months without any hockey at all. I always tear up when I watch the post series handshakes and see the cup awarded. I really feel for the team that fought so hard to win the cup and to get so close yet go home empty handed. I started out as a Caniac about 8 years ago but I gradually transformed into a hockey fan after watching the playoffs one season. The guts and determination these athletes showed in their quest for the cup. I started not just watching the Canes games but other teams as well. Now when playoff time rolls around I am tuned even if my Canes are out of it. My best memory of hockey will always be that glorious '06 run when we won the cup.

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